Journey Beyond

We all WITNESS God’s love and mercy last year. In the same year we all proclaimed that God’s grace will be given to us. Also like what Pope Francis said to us, that last year is a “YEAR OF FAITH”. Our faith was tested with those problems, trials and calamities that we have experienced.

As we end the whole year of witnessing Christ in our lives. Let’s leave behind all the negative experiences. Treasure the good memories and carry it to a brand new year.  Are your backpacks ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Did you make your itineraries? Are you already registered to the SFC ICON 2014? If you’re not registered yet, what are you waiting for? Register now. Also what airlines you choose in your flight to CDO? Airphil? CebuPac? Or PalExpress? It doesn’t matter what airlines you choose but don’t let the price go up high. Remember the days are nearing to the next SFC ICON 2014. Lastly, are your accommodations ready? There are lots of cheap hotels in CDO that you can choose from.

Let’s ready our hearts to JOURNEY BEYOND the path that God has prepared for us this New Year. Let’s ready ourselves to experience again God’s love and mercy during the conference. Lastly let’s open our mind and soul to the bountiful blessings that God will pour out this coming year.

What are you waiting for…? LET’S JOURNEY BEYOND!!!!


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