When things don’t go beyond what you want,
There are times a feeling of disappointed comes.
When things happens beyond expectation,
A question to your God arises.
Some people tell everything happens for a reason
But for me it happens for God’s own reason
We don’t need to question God’s plans for us
We just need to believe that His plan is better for us.
When times we feel to be a little bit disappointed
He just testing us to follow and to be the one He anointed.
In times that our will is not going that good
He only wants us to obey His will for our own good.
Some point of life, we are called to follow Him
But we always denying and ignoring Him.
Some point of life, God is telling us the right way
But we always go on our own separate ways.
I have learned that problems and failures do come
But what matters most is how we overcome
Also in life’s full of stress and disappointment
The only solution is being simple and contented.
God knows the desires of our heart
And in His time He will answer all of that.
Also we should be patient enough to wait.
Wait for the blessing that comes from the heaven’s gate.
Lastly, let’s enjoy every single moment of our life.
Let’s make it fruitful and let’s leave a mark.
And no matter what problems and circumstances happens
Let’s have faith and believe that God know what is best.



25 responses to “GOD KNOWS BEST

  1. amen :)))

    so much true! he plans not to harm you but to prosper you 🙂

  2. Wow, did you do this? Impressive huh.. Sure God knows what’s best and He knows when to give something at the right time and with a purpose.
    UP!! 🙂

    • ate zen salamat sa pagdalaw. ginawa ko ito nung araw na disappointed ako sa maraming bagay tapos wala akong maisip na maipost tapos alam mo yung tipong bigla nalang akong nagtype sa keyboard tapos ayan na po ang tula. a simple message from God. pasensiya na di ako makapagbloghop sa blog niyong lahat…

      • Sabi nga ng mga nabasa ko sa lecture ko, literature is also a product of human emotions. Kaya maganda siya, kasi galing sa puso. Okay lang yun if dika makapag blog hop, basta we’ll remain friends. 🙂

      • oo naman ate…binasa ko today ung galera mo gusto ko din pumunta dun… magkano budget mo dun?

  3. wala akong ibang masabi kundi . Amen jeremiah 29:12 🙂

  4. Impressive! Ramdam ko ang faith! God bless 🙂

  5. Manul-nulat ng Bayan

    ,,,,…THE FAITHFUL”S POEM…,,,,,

  6. Amen!

    gandang tula! bat di gawing kanta?! pang simbahan!? hehe!

  7. This is so timely… Salamat for this.. I need this.. Habang binabasa ko parang ako yung nagsasabi nito.. I was disappoint before reading this but now i feel good.. Thanks Berl.

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